Arnold Classic 2013

I am finally settled back into to home and life in Tampa and wanted to share a recap of the last few months with you. I started my 20 week prep back in the end of May for the Arnold Classic Europe 2013. I was so excited to be prepping for a show and looking forward to seeing a new part of the world and stepping on stage with a whole different group of competitors. My prep seemed to be plagued with obstacles. I was injured while squatting and suffered with several pinched nerves and compressed discs in my cervical vertebrae. The situation lasted almost a month and got to the point where I could not even sleep for 4 days straight much less train. I was healed about 75% after my first visit to my naturalist practitioner in Trinidad and within a few weeks the pain was completely gone and the strength returned.

Another good thing happened when I was in Trinidad. I reconciled with my ex and we got engaged within a week and married in a month. Getting married was such a blessing but its not the best idea to plan a wedding during a contest prep. I didnt even get to eat my wedding cake

So we had a short honeymoon and went right back to working and training.

I had lots to do in Trinidad. My passport was up for renewal and turned out to be quite a long and tedious process since I had to produce some bits of paperwork that I did not have. I also had to testify in the trial against the criminals that followed me home and robbed me at gun point back in December 2009.

I finally got my passport renewal in order but then was told I would get in back in the end of November when I really needed to travel during the first week in October in order to compete in Spain.

But luckily my mom knew someone who knew someone and we got the passport back quickly. Thanks MOM!

So now that that was sorted it I was ready to dial in for my show.

But had been having a communication break down with the USVI so I was unsure of if my registration was submitted and if I would be getting sponsorship.

Again, everything worked itself out and I got registered the day before the deadline and accepted into the competition the very next day.

But the problem of sponsorship still lingered, and now I had one week before travelling to get sponsors. Stress!!!

I went ahead and booked my tickets, hotel, got my posing suit, music and all other arrangements in order and then found out 4 days before travelling that I needed a VISA for Spain.

Went online to do the online application the same night I was informed of the VISA requirement, then called up the Spanish Embassy first thing in the morning. Found out the online thing was a scam and they had no affiliation and also that the process would take me a month.

Yet another stroke of good luck. The official for the USVI was able to get me an appointment for the next day and when I showed up for that appointment, even though I had a whole day of running around to get documents, I got my VISA....same day!

So I was all set for Spain.

Finally, after 4 months of working from 5am till 10pm seven days a week, getting sick almost every other week, back injuries and all kinds of other things, and trying to clear out my old apartment and sell or store my belongings before I left Trinidad, I was all set to go.

The flight to Madrid was not as bad as I thought. I love IBERIA airlines. Great service, good on flight entertainment, lots of food and drinks and the flight was smooth from take off to landing. Spending 10 days in Spain was a childhood dream come true. I walked almost 3 hrs daily and enjoyed the sights, sounds, food, architecture and even the subway rides

Oh yeah, and I competed and placed 4th in the Arnold Classic Europe. I truly thought I would have placed better and was hoping to earn my pro card at last but in spite of the small disappointment I am honoured to be among the top amateur female bodybuilders in the world and to have stepped on stage with women from all over Europe, Brazil, UK, and North America.

With the show done I had some time to relax and just breathe. And I did. I breathed in that fresh, cold Spanish air that smelt like Tapas and meat all the time. I ate ...ALOT. I went to the PRO show and say Phil Heath win his first Arnold Classic Title and also saw many of my favourites suuch as Kai Greene, Shawn Rhoden, Dennis Wolf, Tony Freeman, Victor Martinez, Brandon Ray, Oksana Grishina, Tanji Jones and many other great pros, in their peak condition.

Seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in person and hearing him say "I"LL BE BACK!!" was the icing on the cake for me. The night could not get better, but then when I tried to use my US debit card to buy my return subway tickets, my card was rejected. I tried at about 10 other ATMS and same thing.....technical error please contact your bank. So at 10.45pm I had to walk over 90mins from Alto Extremadura to Gran Via. I started off in 6 inch heels and ended up walking barefoot most of the way. The pain of walking barefoot in 12 degree celcius weather was more bearable than walking in those heels.

I had to laugh at myself. I thought "nobody would believe this story". I just competed against the best in the world, just used my card to buy ticket to the pro show and now this Island girl has to walk her ass home through the streets of Madrid. I didnt even know where I was going and how to get there but thankfully the metro maps and bus maps helped cause barely anyone speaks english and gives good directions from that part of the city.

So the last 4 months had its ups and its downs and its round a rounds but it was a great and definitely a truly memorable experience.

I would like to thank a few very special people who were a part of my journey to Arnold Classic Europe. Big hugs and thank you"s to Christine Williams and Javier Pollock of the CACIFBB and USVI, Keegan Mungroo, Stefan Orie, Anthony Kublalsingh, Devon from Gulf View Health and guys were great training partners. A special thank you to all of my clients: Kassie , Chris, Shenelle, Vijaya Moonan, Reva Rama-Jaikaran, Bhola, Joanna, Rasheeda and everyone else guys challenged me, kept me on my toes and helped motivate me all along the way. Keep up with your training guys. To my mom, dad, brother, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles and in-laws who called, texted, messaged, emailed or came to the gym with me while I was in Trinidad, your company, love and support is priceless. Lots of my friends here in the USA and all over the world, friends from facebook and guys gave me smiles on days when it was tough and you kept me going through my prep. A special thank you to wonderful women like Wanda Keeler, Melody Spetko, Collette Guimond and my very good friend Maurisa from in ladies are good listeners. To the special man in my life, thank you for putting up with me then and now....I know I haven"t been fun and fuzzy emotions, but you kept and eye on me and made me do that cardio, get the training done and eat the bleh diet food. Thanks for cracking the whip and for being so loving and supportive. To other great men that helped make my journey to Madrid possible: Joey Deboulet, Andrew in New York, Jason in Atlanta, Alfonso in Mexico, Gabriel in Switzerland, and so many others....who I know prefer not to be named but who deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated. I would also like to thank all of my friends at Golds Gym Spring Hill and Brooksville here in Florida, friends at Gulf View Health and Fitness, Fitness Centre and especially Body Tech Muscle and Fitness Center, you all mean the world to me. To the members of my church Crossroads Pentecostal, your prayers, well wishes and little jokes lifted my spirit. Thanks for bearing with my drinking protein shakes and having to run out and eat during services

Last but not least I would like to thank Ms Bernard at the Embassy to Spain in Trinidad and Ms Legendre at the Trinidad and Tobago Passport and Immigration office, my new Jamaican friend Roxanne (hairstylist) and Xiomara the best nail technician in the world

So many people and so many things go into making me who I am and helping me from one stage in life to another. Without such a great support system and positive minded people who I know love and care for me, the journey would be alot harder and less memorable.

There are so many people I would like to thank, please forgive me if I have left you out.

Most of all, I give all thanks, praises and acknowledgement to my God and the work he is doing in my life daily.

Hugs, kisses and much thanks everyone!