May 2013

Contest prep has resumed!

May 4th


May 3rd


6 sets Seated barbell shoulder press

4 sets seated dumbbell press

4 sets standing lateral dumbbell raises

3 sets standing lateral dumbbell raises with 3 sec pause at the top

3 drpo sets bent over rear delt dumbbell flyes (each set was 4 sets using a different weight and rep range per set)

May 2nd 

Chest day 

6 sets of dips

5 sets of decline bench press

5 sets of incline bench press

4 sets of reverse flat bench press

4 sets of incline flyes superset with incline dumbbell press

5 sets of pec dec

1 set of pullovers to failure......CHEST WAS DEAD!!!


100 rope crunches on the cable cross over machine 

100 reverse crunches 

100 elbow to knee twist and crunch

50 hanging leg raises

Time for a delicious steak and string bean dinner

May 1st


Leg Day

6 supersets of leg extensions and seated leg curls

5 supersets of squats and hip abductors

4 supersets of hack squats and hip adductors

4 supersets of leg press and walking lunges 

4 sets of seated calves

Rep Range 12-20 

This was my first day back in the gym after a week of travelling so I went alot heavier than I have in a long time but also needed to build back into contest prep intensity.

Time for my last meal and a good nights sleep.

Cardio in the morning :)