April 2013

Hi All

What a month it has been! Just a quick recap of the month of April before I move on to my plans for May. I am a busy girl and love being that way.

So, while still enoying the high of winning the Arnolds, my first show since moving to the US, I quickly chose upcoming competitions for the rest of 2013. On the table were the Arnold Classic in Brazil and the Arnold Classic in Spain. 

I had to make a tough decision to not compete in Brazil because it was less than 8 weeks from the Arnold Classic USA and I really had not mentally prepared myself to compete at that time, or so soon after competing in Ohio. I needed some time to relax and regroup and while I felt anxious to get back on stage, my body was not so anxious about more months of dieting and contest training. So Brazil went out the window but Spain is still happening and all my efforts are geared towards making it a reality and a success.

Easter was a fun time. Got to spend it with a houseful of my relatives here in Tampa. I never met them before but they were just like my family at home...loud, loving, laughing and lots of food. Felt so welcomed and at home from the moment I arrived at my cousins house and I felt so special that she took the time to cook food that I love....she made certain dishes just for me and no one else. Now you cannot beat that kind of hospitality. Between the easter egg hunt and the impromptu personal training session with my cousins, time just flew by and the evening was done. 

Then came time to have some more fun. My mom always says I am the most boring person she knows and encourages me to get out and enjoy life, socialise, be young and have fun. So said...so done. I spent a few days in Miami...then Las Vegas, where I got my first ever lap dance (shhhhh don"t think that was the kinda fun my mom was talking about)....then I visited Baltimore and Washington DC and even made it to New York City (I had flashbacks f Sarah Jessica Parker from scenes in SEX IN THE CITY).

Had more plans to visit Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco during the first two weeks pf May but needed to head home to Tampa to take care of some urgent business.

So here I am, back in the sunshine state with my two brown furry boys (my dogs).

April was also a time to learn to expand my skills and knowledge in my new found hobby...gardening. The garden is doing well and I am enjoying just watching everything grow. I think my dogs enjoy it too. 

Another new thing that I tried was doing a yard sale. Yes silly but true, I was excited about it. It was a complete bust and listing on CRAIGSLIST was more successful and less time consuming.

Oh, and how can I forget my night with Miss Robyn Fenty (RIHANNA). I was fortunate enough to get tickets to her concert and had a FANTASTIC time. Note to self....NEVER WEAR PEEP TOE STILLETOS TO A CONCERT AGAIN!!! My first ever concert in the US. 

LOL...I feel like a baby when I share all my firsts with you guys but these are the things that get me excited and this what I do when I am not in the gym.

So now that I am back at home, I have finally concluded watching LOST on Netflix and have started reading another book by Sherilyn Kenyon.

I have also come to the end of my off season which was really just 8 weeks of eating what I wanted and training at a more relaxed pace.

So me and my new hair do are looking forward to May and all th adventures it brings my way.

Chat soon my friends!!