March 2013

I have taken up a new hobby...GARDENING...and I love it!

Check out some pics of last weekends projects.

my lawn

In case you are wondering why I got the logs there....its the only way to stop my pitbulls from digging under the fence and escaping. Those logs gave me quite a workout.

My little park/camp area for when I wanna sit in the shade of the trees and just enjoy nature :)

I still got lots to do, but I am pacing myself and using this as an opportunity to learn some new things thanks to the Home Depot workshops, and spend some time outdoors with my dogs.

Thinking bout making a career change...landscaping is fun!


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Hello my lovies, as usual it has been a while I do hope you all have missed me. I was deep in my competition preparation zone so all time and energy was spent on the training, cardio and other things that go into getting ready for stepping on stage.

So here is a recap of that last few weeks.....

I competed at the Arnold Sports Festival USA 2013 which is held annually in Columbus Ohio. I got into Ohio on Wednesday 27th March, after a 16 hr drive from Tampa. I was EXHAUSTED after that ling haul since it was also my first ever raod trip since being here in the USA.

So the rest of Wednesday was spent sleeping and posing.

Thursday was tanning at Veteran"s Memorial and  then pre-judging on Friday morning after checking in at 7am, the athlete"s meeting at 8am and top coat tan application at 9am.

The pre-judging was nerve wrecking, All the girls were covered up to the very last minute so I had no idea what my competition was looking like. Also we went on after the figure, bikini and physique girls so we had a nice long wait.

Finally got on the stage just arounf noon after a quick pump up session and glaze application.

The pre-judging went fast. No call outs, no comparisons...just mandatories twice and off the stage. I was surprised since I expected more.

The best part of the pre-judging was walking unto that stage and seeing the President of the TTBBF sitting there at the judges panel. The woman who made my life as a bodybuilder for Trinidad and Tobago full of challenges and broken promises was getting a front row seat to seeing me on the stage of the of those international stages she swore I would not step foot on as a Trinidadian representative. She was right, because I was there repping the US Virgin Islands and proud to be there despite her ardent efforts to stop me from competing ion previous years as well as her slanderous and false claims made against me to the IFBB.

So now that the pre-judging was over and done with and I went back to the hotel room to rest and parctise my posing routine.

I had to also figure out if I should carb up more to look bigger and fuller the next day at the finals or should I dry out more. 

Friday came and I was off to an early start at the Columbus Convention Centre. Yet another long line at check in and then a long wait to get on stage. 

It was hilarious when all the FBB"s had to walk through the entire expo to get just posing suits and flip flops. It wasnt so fun when we had to walk through a service corridor that was not about cold!!!!!

So pump up, glaze, on stage for mandatories, pose down and routines.

Before I knew it, it was all done. Then came the results. As I stood listening to results, each name that was called made my heart beat faster and faster until there was just myslef and Joan Liew. I was parying so hard then ...."come on, I didnt come all this way to get second place, please dont call my name yet" was pretty much what was going through my I again looked at my favourite TTBBF official.

But I wasn"t called for second place, I WON!! I COULD HAVE DROPPED ON MY KNEES AND BROKEN INTO TEARS, but I had to remind myself that was a bodybuilding competition and not a beauty pageant.

Now time for the overall. Victory eluded me but I was okay with it...I really would have liked to have won that overall title and gotten my pro card, so I left the stage with mixed emotions but I also knew that I was up against a worthy adversary and just facing off against her was a huge accomplishment for me.

As I left the stage I was greeted by a fellow competitor from Trinidad as well as some fans and facebook friends which was wonderful since my family and friends were back in Trinidad and unable to attend or even view the show online or on television.

The rest of the weekend was one event after the next. From waking the expo and meeting with potential sponsors and other people in the industry, to chatting with supporters and taking pictures with the other competitors and fans.

And of curse, there was the celebratory after party whcih was a great way to unwind and cap off the whole Arnold experience.

Now I am back home, after yet another 16 hr drive and alot of catching up to do from the months of not checking emails etc.


Arnold Amateur Brazil

April 2013


IFBB Judging seminar in the USVI

June 2013


Arnold Amateur Europe

October 2013


I enjoyed one week of eating like a pig, no joke, and now its back to the prep routine. 7 weeks to go and I hope to secure another 1st place and who knows, maybe even walk away with the overall title while in Brazil.