February 2013

February 10

I am 3 days away from turning 32....yes I did it, I revealed my age. I am not embarassed by getting older but I do wish I could reverse the numbers and be 23 :)

Getting older gracefully, that was actually one of the reasons why I got into bodybuilding, even though back then, the goal was not bodybuilding but just to ward off certain illnesses and ailments that come along with unhealthy lifestyle choices....and of course, I wanted to look good as I got older, and I know that having a firm, healthy, toned body would contribute to that.

This birthday is special in many ways for me. It is going to be my first birthday spent away from my home, my friends and my family. It is also going to be my second birthday spent prepping for a contest. So the usual joys and treats will not be a part of my birthday celebration on Wednesday 13 February. 

However, in the absence of the people and the festive foods, I am still looking forward to my day. I am thankful on each birthday for the gift of life and the opportunity to celebrate another birthday. I am always thankful for my parents and my family, and the memories of birthdays gone by. Some people may find this hard to believe, but I can honestly remember all of my birthdays from since I was as young as 3. I remember watching my aunt and mom making me cakes, and me being so anxious that I would dip my hands into the batter and eat it while it was being mixed....and when i got caught doing that, I would move on to just eating the butter and the sugar they were using as ingredients :) Yes, I was a mischeivous handful, and I still have not grown out of that. I also remember the sheer joy of seeing my presents and the excitement of literally ripping them out of the packaging and sitting on the floor surrounded by my toys.....that was what I did on my 31st birthday (no I am kidding :) )

So before I get carried away with my story telling, I will try to work on a video that will share with you some of my birthday memories.

For those who are into astrology, I am an Aquarian and I am not a daily horoscope reader even though I do find the study of astrology very interesting and sometimes quite enlightening. 

I am looking forward to being a year older, a year wiser and a bit better than I was last year as I embark on a year that is full of hopes, dreams and aspirations that I will be working on with my every effort and ability.

I am looking forward to another year of love. I was grown up surrounded by the love of my family and I enjoy that to this day and try to share that bond and love with those I come into contact with. 

Thank you Mom and Dad for being great parents and for taking such great care of me all my life. And thank you to all my relatives, friends, and well wishers for being a part of my life and helping me along the path I have chosen. 


I am 4 weeks out from competing at the Arnold Sport Festival 2013 and proudly represnting the USVI on that prestigious stage.

The last 4 weeks are the toughest for me since this is when the diet is most restricted, the training is intensified and the time is counting down.

My daily routine is pretty much as follows:


6.30am CARDIO 30-45mins; abs and full body workout; posing practise; tanning; cooking and errands

9am MEAL 1

12pm MEAL 2

3pm MEAL 3

6pm MEAL 4

9pm MEAL 5 followed by training and 2nd cardio session

12am MEAL 6

*sleep and repeat 

I haven"t been posting pictures during my prep since I like seeing the final product and the overall transformation from OFF SEASON to ON STAGE. But for you guys, I will post something soon. I am back in the US and have sorted out the internet and software issues I was experiencing in Trinidad.

More coming soon.......