January 2013

THOUGHT FOR TODAY Monday 7 January 2013

Your life is much too valuable to throw away any of it on negativity. Your time is too precious to fill it with self-pity or anger or resentment.

Would you purposely sit around and set hundred dollar bills on fire? Of course not. So don’t make the mistake of needlessly burning through your life, which is vastly more valuable than money. Choose instead to live every day with joy, love and meaningful purpose.

There’s no law that says you have to react negatively to negative situations. Ultimately, the way you live is the way you choose to live.

So choose to live in harmony with your highest values. Instead of letting mere circumstances determine how you are, let the beauty and value of your life determine the way you act.

Your unique life is valuable beyond any calculation. Live like it is, and make it even more so.

Have a great and wonderful day!

Sunday 6 January 2013

New, improved year

There’s one key factor that will make this New Year the best one ever. That important factor is your attitude.

The way you most consistently decide to see life will play a major role in the way your life actually unfolds. Right now, as the year begins, make the choice to make your life, and your whole world, the best it can be.

Create a new, improved year by going through it with a new, improved outlook on life. Make this a great year by choosing an attitude that reflects your own unique greatness.

In the year ahead you’ll encounter many obstacles, and yet there’s one powerful obstacle you don’t ever have to deal with again. That obstacle, the one you can get rid of for good, is your own negative attitude.

Just because things can often get difficult, doesn’t mean you have to be difficult. No matter what the situation, a positive, empowering attitude is always your best choice.

Stride confidently forward with the highest and best expectations you’ve ever had. Your life this year is what you make it, so embrace an attitude that will make it positive, fulfilling and great.

Saturday 5 January 2013

Get things done

Today is a day to get things done. Today is a day to make real progress.

Don’t waste your time wishing for what might have been. Get up, get going and make the very best of what now can be.

Don’t get angry or frustrated about the way things are. Get to work and make things the way you would like them to be.

You have an outstanding opportunity right here and now. You can make creative, meaningful and valuable use of your time.

This is your chance to be effective. This is your chance to get out in front of life and to get beyond whatever may have been holding you back.

Stop waiting, stop wishing, stop complaining and start taking positive action. This is a day to get things done, so live it for all it’s worth.

Friday 4 January 2013

Hello my lovies!

I am quite late at wishing you a blessed and wonderful New Year. I do hope you accept my late greetings. I also hope everyone is well happy and having a wonderful weekend.

I am still in Trinidad, visiting with my parents. Not sure when my return date to Tampa will be since I am enjoying the training that I am doing here. The support of my friends and training partners is so welcomed during the last few weeks of my contest prep.

I must apologise for not posting more videos as promised. Unfortunately my video converting program has crashed and I have been trying to repair it but am now trying to reinstall it in order to compress and convert videos so that they can uploaded and streamed from the site. So bear with me. I haven"t been spending much time online since the interent connection here can sometimes be unpredictable and also, I have intensified my training so when I am at home, I barely have energy to do much stuff. 

In case you are wondering what I have been up to since being back home...I am going to have to keep you guessing :P

I will be posting more pictures until I can get tje video converter replaced.

Time to go have protein shake and do some stretching. I pulled a muscle in my traps so I am a bit stiff necked now :(

Will post more soon.

Be good everyone!