November 2012

I will be back in Trinidad from December to February and will be doing personal training, group fitness classes, bodybuilding workshops and weight loss bootcamps. Spread the word at your gym and please advise interested people to contact me here or via email:

Thank you!


Check out the following link for a peek into my shoot with Female Muscle Clips.


A little posing fun. 15 weeks out. Just realised how unclear my webcam is. Will be adding some new videos soon in the member section as well as different free areas. Keep checking :) My dogs, Zen and Pharoh, make a guest appearance in this video. The temperature is very cold outdoors, in addition to the fact that they are being very naughty and trying to eat all of my plants as well as digging some very deep holes that make the yard look ugly. I think it"s attempts for more attention. Hope you enjoy! 



Stop stopping

Stop stopping yourself. Stop holding yourself back.

Stop giving power to your limitations. Instead, give commitment, action and persistence to your best possibilities.

Fear and anxiety are immensely compelling, yet you are even stronger. The inertia of complacency is powerful, and yet you can overcome it.

Whatever may have been holding you back has done so with your cooperation. Choose now to no longer cooperate.

You have made the excuses and rationalizations, and you can now let them go. You have focused on the fear, and you can now move beyond it.

The challenges facing you are very real, but that doesn’t mean you must add to them. Instead, use the positive power of your life to move successfully through them.